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High school students posed in their Halloween costumes while visiting St. Cabrini Nursing Home in Dobbs Ferry.
High school students posed in their Halloween costumes while visiting St. Cabrini Nursing Home in Dobbs Ferry. Photo Credit: Daily Voice file

Letter To The Editor: Tell Albany To Protect Families, Caregivers

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To the Editor:

My mother Lucy is 102 years old and has been a resident at St. Cabrini nursing home for almost five years now. Making the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is complicated and stress inducing for a caregiver and their family. 

After a lengthy search, I found St. Cabrini nursing home and I am grateful I did. My mother and father, married 62 years, raised my brother and me in the Bronx. When my father passed away twelve years ago, my mother moved in with me in Yonkers. Then seven years ago, she had a fall and could no longer walk. Slowly I realized, I could no longer care for her.

As soon as I arrived at St. Cabrini, I knew this was the place to be mom’s new home. The staff is warm, friendly, and concerned for each individual resident. They treat residents, and their families, with care and dignity.

After a difficult decision to place my mother in a nursing home, I felt I found a place that would care for her the way I would. Eventually I got to know the staff and other family members even better. I became a volunteer and I help out about four to five days a week. The community at the nursing home has become family to me; my husband will soon begin volunteering as well. 

St. Cabrini is not only mom’s home, it is mine as well. 

My story is not unique. Thousands of New Yorkers across the State rely on nursing homes to provide loved ones with high quality care in a safe and comfortable environment. Nursing homes are an essential part of our communities – together we all depend on them.

Recently, I learned that the New York State Department of Health is implementing a $250 million cut in November. This will force St. Cabrini, and every other nursing home, to lay off workers – people I consider family – and to cut back on services my 102-year-old mother relies on.

For my mother, and for all of the residents that rely on nursing homes and their families, I urge you to reach out to your elected officials and let them know this cut is untenable, and will hurt residents and families that rely on these facilities. We need to protect our nursing homes so that they can continue to care for our loved ones.

-- Toni Langlais of Yonkers