Gov. Ned Lamont
Gov. Ned Lamont Photo Credit: Bernie Weiss photos

Disapproval Rating For Governor Lamont Is Rising

Just when he thought it couldn't get much worse. Gov. Ned Lamont's disapproval rating is on the rise, according to the latest public opinion poll.

The new poll also shows that Connecticut residents believe the quality of life in the state is declining.

Sacred Heart University's Institute for Public Policy and The Hartford Courant released results of their statewide survey of 1,000 residents on Thursday, Oct. 10.

Nearly 47 percent of the residents surveyed said they disapprove of the job Lamont, a Democrat, is doing in the first year of his administration. That's up from 40 percent in a May poll.

The public opinion poll found that 27 percent of respondents felt the quality of life in the state is declining compared to 14 percent that felt it is improving. And 58 percent of respondents of the poll, taken between Sept. 17 and Oct. 2, said they are finding it difficult to maintain their standard of living.

On a separate issue, the poll found former Vice President Joe Biden has a solid lead over other Democratic presidential candidates in Connecticut. Biden received the support of 36 percent of respondents. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren  was supported by 14 percent and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders drew nearly 11 percent. California Sen.  Kamala Harris and Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, IN, each received about 2 percent.

If the 2020 election was held today, all of those five Democrats candidates would defeat President Donald Trump in a head-to-head matchup, according to the poll.

The full poll results can be found by clicking here.