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Connecticut Capitol in Hartford
Connecticut Capitol in Hartford Photo Credit: Vira Mamchur Schwartz

Letter To The Editor: Support This Candidate For State Representative

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To the Editor:

Jenn Leeper is the Best Choice for Fairfield

I first met Jenn Leeper when she was running for Board of Education. She immediately impressed me with her open and friendly manner, her clear command of policy and education issues, and her articulate reasons for running. 

What I didn’t know at the time was that Jenn was new to Fairfield. She and her husband had fallen in love with our town and Jenn’s first instinct was to serve her new community. Knocking on doors to get to know your town takes a level of conviction that few people possess and it speaks to Jenn’s dedication to her new home. 

Jenn’s performance on the BoE didn’t disappoint. I knew from our conversation that the Board would benefit from her experience. But, equally important, Jenn has demonstrated a commitment to

working effectively with ALL of her colleagues, regardless of party. Jenn wants to get the job

done and done well to benefit all of our children. She not only approached her role bolstered by

her experience, but also guided decisions based on fiscal responsibility. In fact, Jenn formed a

committee focused specifically on ensuring our tax dollars are spent wisely and to our students’


Jenn’s decision to run for State Representative could not have come at a better time. Her character, as much as her intelligence and experience, will bring a strength of purpose

necessary to change the culture of the Capitol. This time around I went with Jenn to knock

doors and I saw for myself her ability to connect with residents and thoughtfully consider their

concerns and possible ways to address them. I know that she will be as exemplary a State

Representative as she is a member of the Board of Education. Fairfield will be all the better

with her up in Hartford.

-- Michelle McCabe of Fairfield