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Donald Trump
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Letter To The Editor: Ode On Impeachment Vote

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To the Editor:

We’re heading down the road,

Towards a presidential impeach.

Some say it’s a no brainer,

Others argue it’s a reach.

What I really find disturbing,

Is the vote goes down the party line.

Voting against your party,

Is like stepping on a land mine.

We could change this situation,

And start to make things right.

By shutting off all the lights,

And voting late at night.

Then let’s take out the center aisle,

And mix up a seating chart.

Where alternating parties,

Are only a seat apart.

I’m sure this would cause a stir,

And create a lot of fuss.

But my hope is this could change things,

From it’s them, against us.

Cause when we vote for officials,

To go to Washington and be our voice,

Our vote should be based upon,

The person that will make the right choice.

-- Paul Ferencz of Trumbull