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Hartford Photo Credit: Vira Mamchur Schwartz

Letter To The Editor: Jennifer Leeper Listens To Fairfield

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To the Editor:

The first time I ever met Jennifer Leeper was at a PTAC Board of Education candidate forum 2 years ago.  I was particularly nervous about the election and the candidates who were going to come onto the Board of Education, but all that anxiousness melted away when Jennifer rotated over to my group, and she hadn’t even uttered a word! She simply wanted to listen to our concerns first, and then one by one, she addressed each and every one of our issues with such warmth, composure, empathy, intelligence, and mind blowing knowledge about every one of the subjects...

I just knew that as long as she was on our Board of Education, all would be well! Both my children would be beyond OKAY! And in particular, my son, who has special needs, would be advocated for!

And that is precisely what Jennifer did for the next two years of her term on the Board of Education! She contributed to one of the most stellar Boards our Town has ever seen, working in a bipartisan way to make good by all of our students, which led to the strengthening of our school system, and by extension, our Town and its future, overall!

Jennifer has continued to listen, both in her capacity as a member of the Board of Education, and also as a friend! She has an acumen like no other, is unbelievably knowledgeable in all matters, and would be a gift to the legislature up in Hartford!

I am hugely excited that she has been confirmed as a candidate for the 132nd district here in Fairfield. I’m even more elated that I get to vote for her! I hope you too will all support her as well during this special election, which will be held on January 14th, 2020!

-- Rabab Hussain Syed of Fairfield