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First Selectman Mike Tetreau announced his re-election campaign with Nancy Lefkowitz Photo Credit: Provided/ Fairfield Democratic Town Party
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Letter To The Editor: A Positive 'Obsession' About Kids' Safety

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To the Editor:

Hi, I’m Josh. Fairfielder and Little League dad. The time my family and I have spent cheering on our Little League fields has given us some of the best experiences we’ll ever have.Today, I’d like to talk about the pile of toxic garbage that’s been spread across these fields, smearing a black layer of fear across our town.

What binds us all together is our desperate desire to keep our children safe. Nothing matters more. We all want to fix this mess conclusively, and make sure nothing like it ever happens again.

I happen to know Nancy Lefkowitz personally. Nancy is running for Selectman. That is very good news. Nancy Lefkowitz running for Selectman at the exact moment a public health crisis breaks out in your town is like living next door to a firehouse when your toaster catches fire. It’s like having 10,000 spoons when all you need is a spoon.

Nancy Lefkowitz is obsessed with kids’ safety. Not just her own kids. Your kids. My kids. Kids she doesn’t know and will never meet. The very idea of some reckless action being taken that threatens a child - I’m telling you, I know Nancy, I’ve seen her when she gets pissed off - the mere idea of this fills Nancy with such righteous anger that it makes you absolutely giddy with happiness and gratitude.

When Sandy Hook happened, Nancy didn’t just wring her hands. She acted. She drove to Hartford. A lot. She wasn’t even a politician yet. She was just a parent with a day job like the rest of us. But she didn’t stop driving until she had helped push through the strongest gun prevention legislation in the country.

That’s what I’m talking about. That’s who we want steering the ship right now. We need a human at the helm who’s deeply offended by even the slightest threat to our kids safety, and who turns her anger into action.

Those are my kids on these playing fields. That’s why I’m voting for Nancy Lefkowitz for Selectman. Trust me on this. You should too.

-- Joshua Shelov of Fairfield